Keeping The Sexual Spark Alive

Oh, no – You are getting married.

Every person’s nightmare for their sex life.

A million things begin running through your mind when you hear wedding bells, some of these things are not always positive.

“Could I really be with the same person forever, sexually?”

“Will our sex life change?”

“How fast will it start getting boring?”

If these are questions that you are finding playing through your head at night, do not worry.

There are ways to keep the sexual spark strong and exciting throughout your marriage.

One of the main things to do to keep a strong, healthy sex life long after marriage is to be adventurous.

Trying new things together is a very important way to ensure that you will never get bored being with the same person.

Try new positions that you both have never tried before.

Or try incorporating sex toys into your bedroom fun for a truly adventurous experience (check out for some great ones, many of which are on sale).

If you do not know what to expect your partner to do next, keeps the excitement spinning in your mind the entire time.

Being adventurous together is great, but being more risky apart can also add a whole new level of excitement.

If you are not sure what to do or have run out of ideas, there are thousands of sites for men and women to do research on to make every experience like the first.

A major thing with marriage is people stop trying.

Although that can mean a lot of different things with regards to marriage, what I specifically mean by that is, they stop putting their focus on their outward physical appearance.

Work, kids and a new full time partner can really be a hard thing to juggle on top of making sure that you are in tip top shape.

Although, there needs to be time put out every single day on yourself to make sure that you always look the best you can for your spouse.

It is as important on day 1,984 as it was on the first night.

They fell in love with you because you respect yourself enough to take that extra five minutes to make sure you look your best, do not let this quality begin to dim as the marriage grows longer.

Do not stop trying to say ‘I love you’ without words.

This is a big one, all to often you will hear that couples just try to make it to the ‘end’.

No care is placed into the act after a certain time being together.

One important way to keep connected to your spouse is by making sure that you are showing them how you feel about them during this alone time.

Use your hands, mouth, tongue, etc to really show them how much they mean to you.

Talk about it.

Likes and dislikes in the bedroom can change over time.

It is a very important thing to make sure that you and your partner are always on the same page about what they want or do not want any longer in that manner.

Communication is key inside and even outside of the bedroom.

Switch roles.

This is a hard thing for some couples who are so used to being the specific ‘role’.

Think about this, you are going into the bedroom, but you have no idea which one of you is going to be the dominate or the submissive until you start getting into the act.

That is an exciting way to add mystery and fun to your sex life.

If you are a new bride to be, do not worry about your sex life growing dull.

All you have to do is remember these five things: adventure, appearance, unspoken affection, communication and role changing.