Dealing With Future Conflicts


A marriage is a bonding between a man and a woman, which is permitted by a society.

This is very special for every couple as this is the starting of a new journey for them.

So sometimes it’s a moment of happiness, sometimes a moment of scariness or sometimes a mixed feelings works inside a couple.

The feelings vary from person to person.

But whatever the feelings are, marriage is a very special moment for every couple.

Normally there are two types of marriage can be seen in the society, one is an arranged marriage and the other is a love marriage.

Whatever the type of marriage is, two different peoples are connected with each other by the marriage. The two people with different values, nature, rituals stay together after the marriage.

So a conflict is a quite natural incident between them. Mostly a new bride becomes very worried about this.

Because every bride wants to be live happily ever after her marriage, like a fairy tale.

But as we know, where there is a problem there is also a solution.

By maintaining some things, a new bride can easily deal with the future conflicts.

Try to Be Understanding

Before the wedding bells ring, every couple should understand each other properly. Because understanding is the best way to avoid conflicts. With a misunderstanding, no one can be happy in their married life.

Respect Your Partner

Every people has his own principle, values, and opinion.

If you hurt those, it will hurt the people directly. So while doing anything or speaking with your partner, you should keep in mind these things.

By this, you will respect your partner and he also will do the same with you.

Share Everything

To hide is very harmful to a relationship. Share everything with your partner. Don’t keep him in the dark. Express yourself to him like an open book.

Discuss More

Discuss as much as possible before taking any decisions with your partner.

It doesn’t matter that how silly the matter is! As much as you will start discussing with your partner, he will feel himself a valuable person for you.

Moreover, you can take a proper decision without having any trouble.

Give Priority

Who does not want priority? Give priority to your partner.

Listen to him first, let him speak first.

These things are against the fighting between couples.

A fight cannot be a solution.

Rather it turns your relationship into the end.

As prevention is better than cure, you should do those things which will not lead you to fight with your partner.

Always Support Your Partner

Ups and downs in life are natural.

Everyone needs support in his bad times. Try to support your partner in every situation.

So that he won’t think himself alone in the fight of the life.

Spend Time Together

Before the wedding, be sure to spend time with your partner.

It will help a new bride to understand her partner.

Moreover, spending time together will help both of them to feel an eternal peace.

Therefore, a new bride should know all of these before getting married to avoid a conflict with her partner.

However, love is above everything.

Love is the best solution for couples.

No resolution is needed when there is a love between them.

Rather only love can resolve the conflicts between them.

Though love plays a role as a barrier to a fight between couples.

So no need to worry about the conflicts.